Buy real estate in Kyiv during quarantine

The constant devaluation of the currency requires decisive measures primarily from the population. Given the market situation, any sane person will try to keep their savings in something more stable and tangible than supported only by the country's economy and government promises state fiat currency. Yes, this applies to dollar as well. Bringing boring analytics here does not make sense, many of you already know, understand, and those who don’t know,probably feel what is happening now in a world where the promises of politicians have always been worthless, especially in this New “quarantine” time. And it’s not only about Ukraine, it’s about the whole world, and first of all about those leading countries, which, in many respects, decide the fate of people from the third countries and around the world.

It would be at least not reasonable to ignore macroeconomic processes. Economic isolation (especially during and after quarantine) in the era of globalization is simply not possible. (Although the author of the article sees a solution to many problems through the new Bitcoin technological money tool, instant changes are impossible for a number of obvious reasons, but we will talk about this in more details in the next article).

So what has always been tangible and somewhat stable for the investor (after all, the market, like life itself, is dynamic and, by definition, cannot be stable)? Of course real estate. But the process of investing, including in real estate, is always quite risky, because as you know, in order for someone to gain, soeoneelse needs to let go. A process of maximum client satisfaction is our priority during the deal. A free unregulated market without government intervention resolves this issue always the best possible way. Fortunately, in Ukraine and, in particular, in Kiev, it is at least somehow close to reality, without bloating the market, for the last 12 years as of now.

The specialists of our agency know this market very well and are able to satisfy the demands of both, the seller and the buyer of real estate, even under quarantine conditions. Experience and a professionalism of our team allows us to conclude deals even during this difficult period timefor everyone with the maximum safety measures and precautions, using the instructions of the WHO (World Health Organization) so as not to expose anyone to the risk and danger of infection and spread of the virus.

The danger of inflation is no longer a mythological assumption, but an indisputable fact. Depreciation of your savings is inevitable. Humanity does not know a better way to invest than in real estate. Therefore, if your funds allow you to allocate a certain amount of money for smart investment, we at UA Realty Group are ready to advise you on the opportunities that are present in the real estate market at this time.

Over the past 20 years, there has been no better time for a local investor to acquire real estate than now.

PS: Our agency specializes in real estate in the center of Kiev, which at the end of quarantine and leveling up of the situation in the world will bring about 15% -17% ROI per annum.

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