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One of the fastest ways to "settle" in the capital is to buy a 1-room apartment in Kiev on the secondary housing.

This is the best option for a young couple without children, girls or guys who dream of a promising job in Kiev.

The main plus is that there are a lot of offers on the secondary market: studio apartments, living space in "Khrushchevs", "Stalin" buildings, new buildings with an area of ​​18 sq.m. at a reasonable price. And all that remains is to choose the appropriate option and buy an apartment in Kiev on the secondary housing market, by completing a deal.

How to choose a one-room apartment in the secondary market

Before you buy a 1-room apartment in the secondary housing of Kiev, you need to evaluate the following aspects:

- city area: sleeping or central;

- remoteness of the house from the metro station, transport interchange;

- the presence of supermarkets, hospitals, kindergartens, schools within a radius of 1-2 km;

- the general condition of the house: walls, utilities (gas and water supply, electrical wiring);

- condition of walls, floor and ceiling coverings, plumbing in the apartment. Your comfort depends on it, as well as the price of living space in the secondary market. The better the condition of the apartment, the higher its cost.

What are the risks when buying an apartment on the secondary market

The first catch is the “expectation and reality” situation, when the apartment on the photo on the Web is almost perfect - with a major overhaul, impeccable furniture arrangement. Such a picture does not always coincide with reality. Therefore, before you buy a 1-room apartment in Kiev on the secondary housing, be sure to arrange an inspection with a mandatory check of plumbing, electrical wiring, gas and water supply.

The second catch is making a deal. Not all and not always it goes by all the rules. And this applies to any stage of the transaction - from the submission of a specific list of documents to the deadline for signing the contract. The risk that the registration of the transaction and the transfer of ownership of the living space will be delayed is high.

Buying an apartment with Ua Realty Group

Our team offers to complete the purchase of a one-room apartment in Kiev on the secondary housing in a few weeks. We will reduce the time spent looking for a suitable option, since our database contains only real apartments from owners. We will also organize a viewing of the living space, check it and help you correctly draw up an apartment sale and purchase agreement.

To buy a one-room apartment in Kiev on the secondary market with the support of realtors Ua Realty Group, leave a request on our website or by phone on the contact page.

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