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A three-room apartment is a universal option for young couples planning to have children, or for families with two or three children growing up.

We also recommend buying a 3-room apartment in Kiev for those who love space, or to receive guests who come to the capital for several days.

Over the past couple of years, a trend has emerged to equip a three-room living space with a mini-office consisting of a director's office, meeting room, corporate kitchen and a room for staff members.

Buying a three-room apartment: what indicators are worth paying attention to

Before buying a 3-room apartment in Kiev, pay attention to the following aspects:

- the type of area in which the house is located: central or bedroom, designed for families or young people;

- house format: "stalinka", "Khrushchev", panel, brick;

- the condition of the apartment - decorative finish, floor, walls, ceiling and engineering systems (gas, water supply, electrical wiring);

- remoteness of the house from public transport interchange, shops, kindergartens, schools.

These metrics affect your comfort, your daily routine, and the time you spend on routine things like shopping or visiting your child at school, daycare, or sports school.

Also, these indicators affect the total cost of living space. If you plan to buy an apartment in Kiev for 3 rooms at the most budgetary price, consider options located in residential areas and within a radius of 1-2 km from traffic intersections.

It is difficult to buy three-room apartments in Kiev at a low price in central districts or in new buildings, since most houses are located near a metro station or public transport stop, and inside there is an ideal finish and modern engineering communications.

The advantages of buying a large apartment with our company

If you need to complete a transaction for the purchase of apartments in Kiev ( in a short time, please contact Ua Realty Group.

We have an extensive database of proposals from the owners of the living space. And it is updated daily. We will select an option that suits your budget, requirements for the general condition of the house and living space.

Our realtors will set up a schedule for examining suitable options at a convenient time for you.

We will also help prepare a deal for the purchase of a three-room apartment in Kiev with the solution of all legal issues. Our staff has lawyers who will advise what documents are required to complete the purchase and sale transaction and help to conclude it in accordance with all the rules.

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