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How profitable it is to buy an apartment in Kiev

Our capital is a city of opportunities and prospects. That is why residents of other cities, young students and residents of the periphery tend to get there. But for this you need to rent or better buy your own apartment in Kiev. The choice most often falls on developed areas with a rich infrastructure, an abundance of entertainment, a convenient location and the necessary government institutions nearby.

Real estate market in Kiev

The economic situation in the country directly affects the purchase of real estate. During periods of crisis, the demand for secondary housing begins to grow, with two- and three-room apartments being the most popular. Then one-room. In Kiev, clients want to buy an apartment of four rooms least of all.

However, more expensive proposals are often considered by foreign investors, with whom we also cooperate.

For young people, studio apartments remain the best option for the price, which allow you to make any layout in the future.

UaRealty Group helps to purchase housing without unnecessary intermediaries directly from the owner, providing services to find the option you need and legally competent conclusion of the contract. The demand for housing in the capital is growing every year. Buying an apartment in Kiev can be a profitable investment for tomorrow, you can find out about the conditions of investing in real estate from our realtors.

What determines the price of an apartment in Kiev

To buy an apartment in Kiev at a bargain price, you should contact a real estate agency, while most people already easily communicate with specialists online. UaRealty Group has been working in the real estate market since 2004 and provides consultations in any format convenient for the client, quickly selecting housing options that meet the individual client's request.

The cost of an apartment depends not only on the interior of the room or renovation. What affects the price:

• category (secondary housing, dormitory, apartments in newly built residential complexes);

• district (closer to the center or outskirts, is there a convenient transport interchange, whether there is a metro station nearby);

• quality of repairs, capital items in the apartment (electricity and pipeline, etc.).

Every year the population of Kiev is growing, the city itself is expanding, so the purchase of housing in the capital is becoming an urgent issue for many. On our website you can also offer your own home for sale or rent.

Why choose UaRealty Group services

• Extensive work experience, thousands of successful transactions in real estate in Kiev.

• A lot of specialists who help to complete the purchase and sale transaction from A to Z.

• The most favorable interest rates of return on investment (15-18%).

• A large selection of not only residential, but also commercial premises for purchase and rent.

• Openness and simplicity.

Our real estate agency UaRealty Group strives to make the real estate market simple and understandable for everyone and minimize risks for ordinary people when buying or renting apartments.

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