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A cozy one-storey house is a suitable option for a young couple, families with two or three children.

It combines two advantages: 1) the ability to change the layout, style, design of a residential building; 2) location in an eco-district - in residential settlements, the level of pollution is lower than in the sleeping and central areas of the capital.

But before you realize your goal and buy a new house in Kiev, consisting of only one floor, you need to take two important steps - to find and evaluate a residential property.


How is the search for houses going

Before buying a one-story house in Kiev, you need to select as many objects as possible that fit in such parameters as:

- price: form a purchase budget in advance, taking into account the cost of housing and the costs of its further arrangement - engineering communications (if they are not there or they are in poor condition), repair or restoration of the object;

- remoteness of the house from the roadway and public transport stops;

- the area of ​​a residential facility and the area surrounding it - a garden, a vegetable garden, a recreation area;

- the presence and condition of additional objects on the territory of the site - a garage, a well, a greenhouse and other buildings;

- the time of construction of the house and its condition of walls, floor, ceiling, utilities (gas and water supply, electrical wiring).

This information can be found from the description of the house and during a conversation with its owner.


When to inspect your home

After selecting the appropriate options, viewing them is mandatory. Sometimes the information in the description does not match reality. And in order not to blindly buy a one-story house in Kiev, inspect it without haste and fuss.

If in all respects a residential property suits you and your family, make a deal for the sale and purchase of real estate.


Buying a house with UA Realty Group

If it is important to reduce the time spent on finding a home, examining it and buying it, contact the UA Realty Group agency.

We have been on the real estate market since 2004, and we have studied all its features.

We have our own database of real estate objects, updated daily. It contains offers from owners with detailed descriptions and photos of houses.

You can find a property that is suitable for the price and requirements in a few days.

We also help with the organization of viewing objects - we draw up a schedule taking into account your work or rest schedule, and prepare a transaction for the sale and purchase of an object.

More detailed information can be obtained by phone numbers indicated on the website.

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