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Buy land

For those who dream of housing near the capital, the agency Ua Realty Group offers to buy a plot a few kilometers from Kiev.

This is a profitable investment for young couples, families with children, businessmen who want to alternate between intense rhythm and tranquility.


How to choose a land plot near Kiev

There are several criteria thanks to which you can buy a plot of land near Kiev, suitable for building a house:

- the quality and composition of the soil: there should be no cut trees or hemp on it, otherwise, before building a house, you will have to spend time cutting them down;

- ecological situation: evaluate whether there are factories or industrial zones nearby. They pollute the air, filling it with exhaust and toxins;

- remoteness of the location from the roadway or public transport stops: this factor will affect the travel time from home to the capital;

- the presence of such natural objects as a forest, reservoirs, equipped recreation areas nearby: these locations are suitable for relaxing in the company of family, friends, relatives;

- remoteness from engineering communications - light, gas, water: at the final stage of building a house, engineering communications need to be connected, and it is desirable that they be connected within a radius of 100-300 meters.

Another important factor that needs to be checked before buying a land plot near Kiev is the depth of groundwater.

If they are almost on the surface, then the basement of the building will always be damp and uncomfortable. Even waterproofing materials will not help to correct the situation.


Buying a land plot with Ua Realty Group: main advantages

One of the main directions in which our metropolitan real estate agency in Kiev is the sale of land.

Not far from Kiev there are picturesque places that are ideal for building a cozy cottage or a two- or three-story mansion.

They are located just 5-25 km from the capital. There is no lively traffic, there is peace and quiet around.

The UaRealty Group team will help you not only find a suitable plot for a house near Kiev, assessing all your requirements, but also buy a land location.


Typically, this process takes place in four stages:

- consultation, during which we find out the main requirements for the land plot and the purchase budget;

- selection of a suitable option from the UaRealty Group database. The information in it is updated daily. The database contains real photos of a suburban location, information about it and contacts of the owners of the land plot for sale;

- inspection of the land, taking into account your work schedule, study or other important matters;

- registration of a transaction for the sale and purchase of a land plot located outside the city.


Any questions regarding the collection and execution of documents for the preparation of the transaction, you can ask the realtors of our real estate agency.

You can find out more detailed information on how the search for a land plot, its inspection and purchases is carried out by calling the phones indicated on the website.

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