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Buying an office in Kiev is a crucial step for a company. The new location is a second home for employees and a place for meetings with investors, business partners, and promising candidates for new positions in your company.

Therefore, before buying an office in Kiev, you need to conduct market research and price monitoring. Ua Realty Group will help you with this.

How to choose an office in Kiev

Before you buy an office in Kiev or contact us for help in resolving this issue, we recommend compiling a list of requirements for the object:

- its location: the central or sleeping area of ​​the capital;

- remoteness of the office building / premises from the metro station, public transport stops;

- availability of utilities: light, water, gas (if we are talking about a gas oven in a corporate dining room or heating system);

- layout: how many rooms and offices for employees, whether you need a separate meeting room, kitchen;

- purchase budget: minimum and maximum cost.

It is also important to clarify: you want to buy an office in Kiev, located in a business center, or separately. Thanks to this information, it will be much easier to find the right object. And you can reduce the time spent looking at suitable options.

Cooperation with Ua Realty Group: main advantages

For those companies that are planning to buy office space in Kiev, our company offers:

- assistance in finding suitable properties: we have an extensive database of commercial properties, which is updated daily. The probability of finding a suitable premises in a short time is high;

- scheduling of inspection of office objects: we agree on the time of visit to corporate objects with their owners, taking into account your work schedule. In one day we can see 3-4 offices that meet your requirements and budget;

- preparation of documents for the purchase of an office: after you have chosen a specific object, you need to prepare a whole package of documents. Our team will help you collect and design it. You just have to sign all the necessary papers, pay in the purchase amount and get ready to move to a new office.

Also among the advantages of our company for those who are planning to buy office space in Kiev:

- qualified realtors with at least 5 years of experience;

- thorough understanding and knowledge of the real estate market;

- an extensive database of commercial properties from different price segments;

- impeccable reputation, confirmed by reviews of Western investors and representatives of Ukrainian business;

- fulfillment of various orders: we select office premises for representatives of small / medium / large businesses, as well as for businessmen who have moved to Kiev to build and develop a business in the capital;

- conclusion of transparent, fair and understandable transactions. We prepare a detailed report for each client about each step.

If you are ready to arrange the purchase of real estate in Kiev that meets your requirements and budget, please contact our company.

We will find the optimal solution!

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