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Those who dream to buy a private house in Kiev most often consider the central districts of the city. One of the most popular is the Shevchenko district.

The main attractions of the capital are located here: Independence Square, Andreevsky Descent, Vladimirskaya Gorka, Landscape Alley, St. Sophia Cathedral and others.

These are beautiful and colorful locations where you can spend time with your family or friends.

But before you buy a house in Kiev in the Shevchenko district, you need to conduct a mini-market research and choose the right option.

You can speed up this process together with the realtors of the UA Realty Group agency.

Stages of buying a new home

The first step is to research the real estate market and select a residential property that is suitable for the following indicators:

- the area of ​​the house and the adjacent territory;

- the presence of buildings necessary for a comfortable life: a garage, a greenhouse, a veranda, a gazebo, an area for cooking barbecue and other dishes;

- the state of utilities: gas and water supply, electrical wiring;

- condition of the foundation and finishing of walls, floors, ceilings;

- availability of furniture and household appliances;

- remoteness of a residential building from a metro station or public transport stops.

Many people want to register the purchase of a house in the Shevchenko district of Kiev, since there are no problems with transport and there are cultural sites nearby.

Stage two: inspection

Before you buy a new house in Kiev in the Shevchenkivskyi district, it is necessary to organize an inspection of the residential facility. Because often the situation in the photo and in reality may differ.

During the inspection, you can find out all the advantages and disadvantages of the selected property, study the layout, assess the state of utilities and plumbing.

Also, during the inspection, you can get acquainted with the owner of the residential facility.

The last step in buying a residential property is the execution of a transaction for the purchase and sale of real estate.


Buying a house with UA Realty Group

By contacting UA Realty Group, you get:

- work with qualified realtors;

- access to the agency's database, which is updated daily. It contains information about residential properties - descriptions and photographs, and contact details of the owner;

- organization of inspection of the selected options;

- assistance in preparing a transaction for the purchase and sale of a residential property.

You can contact the realtors of the UA Realty Group agency by the phone numbers indicated on the website.

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