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One of the most relevant options on the capital's real estate market is a 1-room apartment.

He is chosen by married couples without children, boys and girls who got a promising job in Kiev and plan to move to the capital.

You can buy a one-room apartment in Kiev both in the primary and in the secondary market

How to choose a one-room apartment in the capital

Developers offer to buy an apartment in Kiev in different formats. For example, studios with a combined kitchen and room, duplex apartments and living space with a standard layout - a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom are separated by walls.

But before you make a deal to buy a one-room apartment in Kiev, you need to evaluate not only the layout, but also a number of related factors:

- remoteness of a residential building from the city center;

- distance to the metro station or the nearest public transport stop;

- "surroundings" of the house - the presence of supermarkets, cafes and public organizations within a radius of 200-300 meters;

- the general condition of the house - from the sound insulation of the walls to the state of the electrical wiring.

It depends on how long it will take you to get to the office / city center / to meet friends, and how much you will invest in renovating your apartment to fix all the flaws.

Buying an apartment in Kiev: the main risks

Now, in order to buy a one-room apartment in Kiev at an affordable price, you need to spend a lot of time and effort to:

- find suitable options;

- inspect them;

- collect a package of documents to complete the transaction;

- prepare a deal.

Another point is checking the documents of the owner of the living space in order to avoid scams.

Cooperation with UaRealty Group: main advantages

Our company offers to buy 1-room apartments in Kiev without unnecessary hassle.

Realtors of Ua Realty Group will select options that match your budget, planning requirements, the state of engineering systems, the location of the house (area, its distance from the public transport stop).

In our database there are apartments from the owners. The information is updated daily. And we will be the first to offer the most profitable options.

After you have chosen several apartments, we will arrange an inspection at a convenient time for you. At the stage of registration of the transaction, we will tell you what documents are needed to complete the transaction in accordance with all the rules, and we will tell you in detail about the execution of the purchase and sale agreement.

If you have long dreamed of buying a comfortable 1-room apartment in Kiev in a specific area, having completed the transaction correctly, contact Ua Realty Group!

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