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Goloseevsky or Holosiivskyi (in Ukrainian) district is considered one of the most comfortable districts of the capital.

There are excellent transport links here - you can get to the center of Kiev by minibus, bus, many parks, recreation areas, prestigious schools and kindergartens.

You can buy apartments in the Goloseevsky district both on the primary and on the secondary market. The main thing is to choose the option that suits you and your family.

How to choose an apartment in Goloseevsky (Holosiivskyi) district

Today you can buy an apartment in Goloseevsky district in houses of any format - in new buildings, in "stalinkas", "Khrushchevs", panel or brick.

The choice of a house, its remoteness from a traffic intersection and green areas (parks and recreation areas) depends on your budget.

If you expect to buy an apartment in Goloseevsky district above the "average plus", consider options that:

- located within a radius of 50-100 meters from a public transport stop;

- put into operation no more than 10 years ago;

- in excellent condition - without significant damage to the foundation, walls;

- have all utilities for a comfortable life - heating, gas and water supply.

Your option is 2 and 3-room apartments after design or major repairs.

If your goal is to buy an apartment of a budget format in the Goloseevsky district of a budget format, choose a residential area in "stalinkas" and "Khrushchevs". Despite the fact that the houses were commissioned more than 50 years ago, they are in good condition. You can choose a 1-room or 2-room apartment that is comfortable for you and your family.

Buying an apartment with Ua Realty Group: the main advantages

Selling an apartment in Kiev is a dynamic process. 300-400 new ads appear every day. And among them there are proposals from swindlers.

To get around this "pitfall", contact the specialists of Ua Realty Group.

We will help you buy an apartment in Kiev in the Holosiivskyi district that matches your budget and requirements for living space.

Our realtors will select several options from the agency base. Here are collected proposals from apartment owners. Our database is updated daily.

Next, we will organize an inspection of the apartments. We will draw up a schedule, taking into account the time convenient for you.

And when you choose a new home for yourself and your family, we will help prepare the documents required to conclude a deal for the sale and purchase of residential space.

Take the first step towards finding a new home, call us: 093 017 77 17, 093 685 00 74.

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