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Buying an apartment on the secondary market of Kiev is considered the fastest way to get a new home in the capital.

All you need to buy a second-hand apartment in Kiev - to draw up a contract of sale, obtaining ownership of living space. After that, you can settle in a new apartment - make repairs, redevelopment, insulate the walls, replace the windows, if necessary, to increase the comfort of the living space.

But before you make a purchase of an apartment on the secondary market in Kiev, we recommend that you study its features, and ask for help from our company, so that the purchase of living space was without unpleasant incidents.

Secondary housing market in Kiev: the main features

The main advantage of the secondary housing market of the capital - a variety of options. There are prefabricated houses, "Khrushchev", "Stalin", new buildings, which were commissioned 5-6 years ago. You can choose any option that fits the budget and requirements for the location of the house, the availability and condition of utilities.

The second reason why it is worth buying an apartment in Kiev on the secondary - a quick "acquaintance" with all the shortcomings of the house and living space, and drawing up a plan to eliminate it. For example, poor sound insulation. It will be fixed by works on consolidation of walls.

The third reason why many Ukrainians want to buy a one-, two-, or three-room apartment on the secondary market in Kiev - inhabited area. It already has electrical wiring, gas pipeline, heating system, plumbing, windows. You do not enter the "bare walls", but the house, ready for major or cosmetic repairs.

But there are some risks that need to be considered if you want to buy an apartment in Kiev on the secondary market:

- the presence of scams: in the secondary market they are much easier to turn than in the primary;

- contingent living in houses: because of this you can refuse to buy an apartment that fits the budget and your requirements for its condition;

- obsolescence of housing: you buy living space in a house that has been operated for 10-50 years. And he has problems with sound insulation, the condition of walls and engineering systems. It is necessary to lay the budget for their correction. If, despite these nuances, you are ready to buy an apartment in Kiev, then contact us for help.

Why buying an apartment on the secondary market of Kiev together with Ua Realty Group - the right decision

Our company has been on the Ukrainian market for more than 16 years, and we have thoroughly studied all the nuances related to the search, evaluation and purchase of second-hand housing.

We have an extensive database, which includes options from different price segments - from economy to elites. We will select a living space that will fully meet your budget and requirements. We help with registration of all documents necessary for the conclusion of the transaction of purchase and sale of the apartment on the secondary market.

And with us you will save time and effort in finding decent options - announce the entire list of requirements to our realtors and they will select suitable options, make a schedule of inspections of apartments and then help solve legal issues.

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