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Buying a home in the Shevchenko district, the capital is the best option for every family. There are cozy parks, schools, kindergartens, sports schools.

This area is also suitable for young couples looking for interesting leisure time. The area has shopping and entertainment centers and parks where you can spend time actively.

You can buy an apartment in Kiev in the Shevchenkivskyi district on the primary and secondary market of any format - from a studio to a 3-room apartment with a unique layout.

Where to start looking for new housing in Shevchenko district

In order for the purchase of an apartment in the Shevchenko district of Kiev, in which you and your family will be comfortable, to be successful, define:

- purchase budget;

- type of property: primary or secondary;

- the location of the house: its distance from a traffic intersection or a public transport stop;

- the surroundings of the house: the presence of supermarkets, shopping centers, kindergartens, schools, hospitals and other important facilities for you within a radius of 300-1000 meters;

- the condition of the house: when it was put into operation, what utilities were installed (heating, gas and water supply, electrical wiring);

- the condition of the apartment - after renovation or not - if you are considering options on the secondary market.

After that, you can consider offers in the primary and secondary real estate market.

Why is it better to buy an apartment with a real estate agency

The sale of apartments in Kiev has many pitfalls - from a long search and protracted views to communicating with scammers. In the latter case, there are risks of being left without money and without a new home.

Therefore, if you want to buy an apartment in Kiev in the Shevchenkivskyi district, saving time and effort on concluding a deal, contact Ua Realty Group.

We have:

- qualified and experienced realtors: they will select apartments that match your budget and requirements;

- a large-scale database of offers from owners. The base is updated daily. It contains options from different price segments in the primary and secondary markets;

- experience in the real estate market of the capital for over 16 years, and we know all the details.

We also help in solving organizational issues - from drawing up a schedule for examining apartments to preparing documents for concluding a transaction for the sale and purchase of real estate. We have a lawyer on our staff.

With us, the search and purchase of an apartment will take place without risks, in a short time and without unnecessary fuss. Call us by phones: 093 017 77 17, 093 685 00 74.

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