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One of the ways to get a steady income is to buy commercial real estate, which you can rent out or organize your own business in an office space.

If you are planning to buy commercial real estate in Kiev in a short time, please contact Ua Realty Group. We will help you with finding suitable options and preparing all documents for the sale and purchase of an object.

Buying commercial real estate: risk or reward

Before making a purchase of commercial real estate in Kiev, it is recommended to calculate all the risks, as well as the level of income that can be obtained from the purchased property.

The result will have to be predicted 2-3 years in advance, since a year is spent on the registration of documents for property rights, and the rest of the time is spent on repairs and promotion of a new facility. Also, the state of the world economy affects the return on investment.

But if you act wisely, you can reduce all risks to zero.

For this you need:

- to select a commercial facility in a central area with a high level of concentration of people - near traffic intersections or shopping centers;

- modernize the office, retail space, store in accordance with the market requirements and the requests of potential customers;

- change the profile of the selected commercial object, if necessary.

For example, convert a store into a bar or fitness center. The UaRealty GROUP team will help you find and buy commercial real estate of any price segment in Kiev, with which it is possible to implement any business plan in a short time.

How to choose a commercial property

In order for the purchase of commercial real estate in Kiev to match your business plans, we recommend that you draw up a clear list of requirements for the object:

- the total area of ​​the room;

- the condition of the object: major or cosmetic repairs, the presence of flooring, decorative finishes;

- availability of utilities: electrical wiring, water supply, sewerage;

- remoteness of the object from the metro station or transport interchange;

- purchase budget: minimum and maximum threshold.

Using this information, we will select a commercial space (office, trading floor, fitness center and other facilities) of a suitable format.

How is the purchase of commercial real estate going?

To buy real estate in Kiev of a commercial type, you need to go through two stages: 1) draw up a purchase and sale agreement; 2) conclude a contract for the provision of utilities. The first stage, if the owner of the property has all the necessary documents on hand, is drawn up quickly enough - within three months. The second stage can take up to six months, since it depends on the work of utilities. Our company will help in the prompt "passage" of the two stages. We will take care of all the hassle associated with the preparation of documents so that the object is completely transferred to your ownership, as soon as possible. To start cooperation with the Ua Realty Group team, leave a request on the website or by calling our realtors.

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