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  • Buy Land ID: 958
  • Land area: 20 m²
  • Land type: agricultural land
Added: 10.04.2021
Updated: 13.04.2021



The Land is in Brusilovsky district, p. Stavyshche. Around 55-60km from kyiv. Land Area: 20 hectares. On the territory there is a canal (the canal was cleared and extended into the middle of the land with the end of it being deeper to hold water within it), two energy houses were placed; 1) A two-storey house planned for living (128 m²); 2) Office, but other intended use is possible) (74 m²) and two simple house accommodations for security.

The site is located along the route Kiev-Zhytomyr on the main highway(most important road in Ukraine to Europe), which makes it possible to easy access to the entrance of transport and technology. The land is certified organic. And the land was cleaned in an organic manner and is ready to be planted. It is possible to change the target destination of the land.

There is a detailed plan for 3 potential ground water holes in the document with the specific locations where they should be placed. The land has electricity cables attached within it, but we are in the final stages of finishing the permanent electricity on the land which will be 17Kilowatts .

The plastic House has been removed and no longer exists on the land.

The land can be used for agriculture (example; Fish farm due to its strategic location, Strawberries production, demo-fields, or other forms of agriculture production, and can also be used for other purposes, such as being converted to a real estate villa complex, etc.)

Our price target  is $450,000, (we can decrease the price a little more if the people are very serious.) 

Attached are the most recent legal documents associated with it remaining, in addition to the evidence of the "organic certificate of the land." 

Plot has very good real estate potential, and is surrounded by several real estate development complexes around it. All documents are legally correct for both the 20 Hectares land, and the 2 Hectares land.

The location of the land is very close to an important Jewish village, so it can be very lucrative for potential Jewish clients. 

Plot for sale, area of 1.9767 ha (cadastral number - 3222482000: 06: 003: 0044), located in the Kiev region, Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district, p. Gorenits. Purpose - OSG.


Selling Price; $190,000 (Desired selling price), but not less than $150,000 


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